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Reveal the material in its
own purity and essence

The continuity of a project
is in the solution of detail

An aesthetic play between
architectural space, material and color

We put all the love into creating successful spaces

Solferino 57 is a full service atelier which applies its creative flair to every space you dream and walk into. We mix and match materials and tints: you will be free to imagine, free to create.


We love made in Italy

Made in Italy means that design and production are entirely Italian. Each product is designed by a team of experts and is produced by using cutting edge machinery and technologies in accordance with rules and tested productive traditions. Being Italian is not only a synonym of technology, but also and above all of elegance and refinement. These essential features characterise a typically and exclusively Italian charm.


Making things look better and work better isn’t a passion, its our obsession.

The most important thing to us is creating emotions



Every journey ar Solferino 57 begin with understanding your needs and ends with a response that is beautiful as it is useful. Without sacrificing the charm of the past or foregoing the pleasure of sophisticated materials and contemporary surfaces.



We believe in assisting customer dreams. Always. But we work alongside clients also to explore technical goals and needs to formulate a plan of action to solve, eliminate, and prevent any technical issues within the perspective design.



Team Solferino 57 is creative and forward thinking and always bring to the table a great mix of smarts, inspiration, strategy and tenacity. We derive a plan and an artistic approach to design and develop your space. We excel at crafting creative solutions that are always clean, simple and unique.



At the center of our businness excels the ability to offer our customers a wide range of materials, textures and forniture. A succesful interior is best achieved through the use of finishes that enhance a material’s innate quality, a palette derived as much from materials as from applied color and a subtly stimulating variety of textures.

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us. And why they keep coming back.

We love our brands here's why

Xilo 1934
Casa Mood
Kronos Ceramiche
Laboratorio San Rocco
Moab 80
Paola Lenti
Verde Profilo
Foglie d'oro
Opinion Ciatti
Azzurra ceramiche
Vanità e casa
Renzo Serafini
Nic design
Making things look better and work better isn’t a passion, its our obsession.

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